Laser Mole Removal Treatment

In today’s society, laser mole removal is one of the increasingly growing methods by which moles can be removed. There are a lot of methods to chose from when it comes to removing moles. They include cryosurgery, excision and home remedy treatments.


Is Laser Mole Removal Treatment Right For You?

Laser Mole Removal TreatmentThere are certain types of moles which are responsive to laser mole removal treatment. Moles that are small, new or even flat will be able to be removed by this procedure. For older moles or large ones, laser mole removal may not prove to be very effective and some other means would have to be adopted.

Your dermatologist would be able to advise you on the right course of action for treating them.


How The Mole Removal Laser Works

Mole Removal LaserStandard mole removal laser treatment works by breaking up the darker pigments of the mole into smaller fragments. These fragments are then absorbed by the body.

The mole removal laser used in the procedure is an Erbium or CO2 laser. This is a hand held device that directs the laser beam on to the affected area. The laser pulses hundreds of times a second, thereby preventing heat damage to the skin and avoids heavy scarring. After the laser treatment is performed, the mole is slowly peeled off.

There will be no bleeding as the heat of the laser will seal off the blood vessels. The beam pierces the pigment of the mole and causes the cells or tissues to heat up. This causes the mole to break apart.


Laser Mole Removal Before And After

Depending on the size of the mole, the doctor will decide on the type of anesthetic to be employed during the laser mole removal treatment. If the mole is small, they may not use a local anesthetic. For larger moles, the doctor may opt for general anaesthesia.

Laser Mole Removal Before and AfterAfter the laser mole removal procedure takes place, the area normally becomes red or darkens and scabs will begin to form. These scabs will begin to fall off after a few weeks and the tissues will start to heal after several days. In most cases, there will be minimal to no scarring, with only a minor skin irritation being felt.

It is advisable to protect the treated area from sunlight by using a sun protective lotion or bandage. If you have to go out, see that you are adequately protected from the sun. Care should also be taken to keep the area clean to ensure that it does not become infected.


Benefits Of Laser Mole Removal

  • Anaesthesia is not required for laser treatment in most cases. The patient need not worry about injections or needles as they would with surgical mole removal.
  • The procedure needs no hospitalization as it is an outpatient technique. There is little or no pain. At most the patient would feel a tingling in the area. The sensation is like a rubber band snapping against your skin.
  • There is little and in some cases, no discoloration of the treated area. Scars,if any, are barely visible.
  • The results of the laser treatment can be seen immediately. Patients say that nearly 70% of the mole has gone and the mole disappears totally within three to four months.
  • Moles on any part of the body can be removed by laser treatment.


Laser Mole Removal Costs

The price of laser mole removal costs can vary from 50$ to 300$ a session. Depending on the size and nature of the mole, 1-4 sessions may be needed.

We suggest first trying a less expensive method such as a mole removal kit or mole removal creams before laser mole removal. It can save you money, work faster, less healing time and no scars.

With all its inherent benefits, mole removal via laser treatment is becoming very popular for those who can afford it. It is definitely one of the best ways to get rid of moles and be blemish free.