Natural Mole Removal Remedies

Many people will try a form of natural mole removal remedies during their life. Especially if they are afraid of surgical procedures and their higher probability of scarring. There are different types of natural remedies for removing moles all over the world. The only problem is, do natural mole removal remedies work?

Natural Mole RemovalSince all moles are different and because there are so many skin types, it is hard to say. What works for one person may not work for another. In most cases, people try natural mole removal and than move on to a better option such as mole removal cream to get rid of moles.

None the less, we have gathered some of the more popular natural mole removal remedies for you to try if you wish.


Natural Mole Removal Remedies With Castor Oil

Castor oil presents a good natural remedy for removing moles. The option has proved successful for many people, therefore it is worth giving a try. The method is also simple since one only needs to apply the oil directly on the mole. However, before you start the procedure, you must test for allergic reactions.

Apply a little oil on the mole then leave it for twenty-four hours. If no negative reactions are experienced, you can go ahead with the actual procedure comfortably. Remember, to keep track of any changes that occur. The mole might shrink, grow or become irritating a bit, but it should not be painful.

If the Castor oil does not seem to produce the results you want, you can improve it by adding baking soda.  Note that using caustic soda is not an option.  You should mix the Castor oil with the baking soda forming a paste. This should be applied on the mole. Remember to wash and apply a fresh coat of paste every night after washing the area.


Natural Mole Removal With Onion Remedy

Onions are known to have cancer fighting properties. This is the reason scientists considered them for natural mole removal procedures.

The application procedure is also simple since one needs just to apply the onion juice directly on the mole. Ensure you use fresh squeezed juice from a strong onion. You can abrade the mole surface a little which will help the juice to penetrate the mole.


Tea Tree Oil Natural Mole Removal Remedy

Tea tree oil is extensively used as a natural remedy for various problems. Therefore, it is not a surprise inclusion in the list of effective natural mole removal options. One advantage with tea tree oil is that it comes ready to use.

You should apply it directly on the mole two times a day for the best results.

Natural Mole Removal Remedies With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can also produce great results. Since it is a caustic substance, it ‘burns’ the mole away. Therefore, it is best to use it in inconspicuous parts of your body.

You must also protect the area around the mole with face cream to avoid dark spots. You can then proceed to apply it directly on the mole. Unlike other options, constant application is necessary throughout the day.